Koch: Family of Wallstadt  
  Gesucht werden Informationen über Johann Peter Koch und Anna Katherina Schroder  
  Anna Katherina Schroder
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Vielleicht kann jemand helfen.

I am hoping you can help me

I am the Great Granddaughter of Johann Peter Koch and Anna Katherina Schroder who lived in Wallstadt-Baden. They married there 12 August 1852 Nr. 3 Protestant Community.

Johann Peter was born 27 May 1825 in Wallstadt. He was the son of an unmarried mother named Elisabetha Sturmer, unmarried daughter of ? Sturmer and his wife Grete Sturmer nee Edelmann.

Anna Katharina was the daughter of a day-labourer Johann Jakob Schroder & his wife Katharina Schroder nee Muller.

Johann & Anna had one son, Franz who was born in Wallstadt 2 September 1852. Birth Entry - Protestant Community Nr. 13

I have a copy of an Amtsbuch Wallstadt, where Johann Peter Koch had to pay a fee for becomming a citizen of Wallstadt.

They migrated to Australia in 1853. As I said, I am their Great Granddaughter. I would appreciate any information you could give me - for example:

Perhaps a photograph of where they lived

Are there any family history records of Wallstadt?

I am very proud of my German Ancestory & would love to know more about my family history & where my family came from.
I apologise that I do not speak German.

I have attached a photograph of Johann Peter & his wife Anna Katharina as well as one of their son Franz.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Helen Koch